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my top tip for quality time with kids

In our house, we spell love T.I.M.E. It’s all about finding ways to spend quality time together. As a busy working mom, one of the ways I love to spend time with the boys is going on fun adventure walks. We are lucky to live in an amazing neighbourhood steps away from a gorgeous lake and nature paths. There’s something about getting out into nature that can clear your mind while getting a little exercise, too. My favourite way to spend quality time with the kids is to plan a mini outdoor date. We do this by grabbing our favourite stroller and heading out to explore!

The reason we always bring along a stroller is that the boys always seem to have lots of energy inside the house and as soon as we take off on our little adventure it’s only a matter of time before they want to be carried (at least mine do). Thankfully this is where our Valco Tri Mode X Duo Stroller comes in. I can quickly load them into our stroller and take off on our adventure.

my top tip for quality time with kids

I’ll admit when it comes to strollers I have a must-have list. One of the criteria is lightweight and portable. The Valco is both of these. It folds up with ease and I can pop it in my trunk or store it away in our garage with no issues.

Another must-have is it has to be able to accommodate my tall kids (my husband is over six feet and I am five eight). My four-year-old is as tall, if not taller, than most five-year-olds and it’s hard finding a stroller where his head isn’t poking out the top and his legs are not dragging on the ground. The great thing about the Valco is the tall seatback and foot ledge at the bottom of the stroller. He can easily rest his long legs without worry.

The boys love to run along the paths and feed the ducks by the water but as soon as they’re done they want to sit and rest and the Valco is perfect for catching a breath and a much needed snack and water break.

my top tip for quality time with kids

I love that the Valco has an amazing full reclining seat. After a long walk, my little guys can recline back and take a little nap, plus the canopy on the Valco opens in four stages to completely cover their upper body. This is great for sunny and windy days.

A large basket is also a must! I’m able to throw a diaper bag, my purse and a camera bag in the basket with ease (along with the inevitable toys).

my top tip for quality time with kids

Our adventures often take us off the beaten track and for this we needed a stroller that could keep up with our rugged and rocky paths. The Valco Tri Mode X Duo all terrain stroller has big wheels that makes pushing this stroller a dream.

my top tip for quality time with kids

Just like their toys the boys also have their own must-haves when it comes to a stroller. They like to have their own seat, canopy, and bumperbar. We once owned a stroller with one bumper bar and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. What I love about the Valco stroller is that the bumperbar opens up like a gate and the boys like opening and closing it as they get in and out.

my top tip for quality time with kidsmy top tip for quality time with kids

A great stroller, a great location and great company is the perfect way to have quality time together with your kids. I can only imagine how many miles we’ve walked together and I can’t wait to explore even more.

Do you have a favourite place to explore with your kids? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Sponsored by Valco Baby. The opinions expressed within are my own.

Sincerely Nikki, xo

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