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I’m super excited to introduce you to a new segment on my blog called “Behind The Scenes.” As a photographer I love sharing my tips and tricks with other mamas. What I also love is sharing tips and tricks from some of my favourite mama bloggers, too!

Today, we’re going ‘Behind The Scenes’ with Gladys. She’s one of my sweetest mama friends.  She also happens to be the creator and mama extraordinaire behind

Before we get started I asked Gladys to share five fun facts about herself. Perhaps you’ll have something in common with her!

  1. Spanish was my first language.
  2. I’m all about adventure so much that I got to check off skydiving from my bucket list Although I wouldn’t do it again now that I have my kiddos.
  3. I dated my husband (college sweetheart) for 10 years before we got married and had kids. I was 10 at the time. I kid. I kid. I’m closer to the big four ‘O’
  4. I’m obsessed with black and white. My home decor, my wardrobe, the girls clothes. If I can get it in that color you can bet I’ll buy it.
  5. Love to travel but since it’s been hard to do with little ones, my husband and I plan kid-free mini getaways throughout the year. I love checking out hidden gems that are in or near CA.

Alrighty, let’s go ‘Behind The Scenes’. Sit back, get comfy and get ready to learn a few tricks!

3 best photography tips from a mom blogger

Hi There! I’m Gladys. I’m a Southern California mom to two girls (10 months and 5 yrs old) and wife to my babies daddy. We are raising our girls bilingual (Spanish & English) and love to take mini weekend vacations throughout the year. You can find our latest family shenanigans on our Instagram, Facebook or our blog posts over at

The Mother Overload is a lifestyle mom blog where you’ll find our latest fashion finds on a budget, healthy food recipes and all things Motherhood.

I’m thrilled to be sharing our behind the scenes here on Nikki Andal’s Blog. I can tell you that I’ve used her awesome tips multiple times and in fact still do. I’m always trying to improve my photography skills and recently signed up for my very first photography class. In the meantime, we’d love to share 3 things we currently use to create our colorful and vibrant blog/social media photos.

  1. Scouting a location/Background

The way we typically scout a location is by driving around local cities and their downtowns. We have found some pretty interesting historic buildings this way. We’ve also found some just coincidentally while checking out new restaurants during our kid-free date nights. Those are by far the easiest because driving around with two littles (mind you, one that absolutely dislikes her carseat!) is not an easy task.

And for those days when I absolutely can not leave our home to shoot, I resort to using a very inexpensive item. A $1 double sided bright colored poster board from our local dollar store. It highlights products and it’s even perfect for headshots. But Shh! Don’t tell anyone my secret.

  1. Wardrobe /Flat lay

I usually like to stick with classic bold colors and patterns so that they mesh well with most backgrounds. There are times, although, where we’re just rushing out the door trying to get photos done before the baby needs to be fed again or Mia is too tired to want to take any. It helps to lay everything out the night before and already have an idea on what our background will include. As for flat lays, I like to work with the background first and then build from that. Here’s an example of our Mexican Chicken Stew photo shoot. I used a tile from Lowe’s. A tip I learned from Nikki!

  1. Editing tool

One of my absolute favorite editing tools to use online is This site is hands down user-friendly and allows me to edit my photos with ease. Here’s an example of a photo pre and post As for phone apps, my current go-to is Color Story. I love how you can add light and contrast to any photo!

the mother overload behind the scenes

Hope these tips and tools help when taking photos of your little ones or friends and family.

Hugs — Gladys

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