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a quick and easy tip for better iphone photos

Did you know there’s one thing that you can do before taking pictures with your iPhone that will dramatically increase the quality of your photos? It’s a must!

If your kids are anything like mine they love my iPhone. It always amazes me how quickly they can find the YouTube app. What amazes me even more is all of the little finger prints and sticky residue that ends up on my phone after my kids play with it.

Imagine all of the dust, pocket lint and finger prints that are all of over lens. Yup! Go ahead, grab your phone and take a look at your lens. How can you take a great photo when your lens is dirty?

A dirty lens will block light from entering the camera’s sensor and you may end up with blurry photos.

This brings me to my number one thing I do before taking a picture with my iPhone. Drum roll please…

a quick and easy tip for better iphone photos

I clean my lens!

How do you clean your lens? It’s easy my friend!

Use a soft micro-fiber cloth (similar to the ones you would use to clean your glasses) and rub gently in a circular motion and that’s it! Do this every time and you’re setting yourself up to take clear and crisp photos. Happy snapping!

Sincerely, Nikki xo




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